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What is rehab all about?

Journeys often end up taking you places you didn’t expect, and our story is no different. Rehab started with two guys who wanted a healthier alternative for Queenstown.

Founded in 2013, our original idea has evolved, transformed, and become a mission cultivated out of a commitment to honesty, integrity and being real.

our core values

These core values embody our culture, spirit and dedication to doing what’s right. They keep us aligned and help us make decisions about everything from the food we serve to the way we design our stores.

Consume intelligently

Create solutions where the company wins, the customer wins and the community wins.

Think sustainably

Make decisions that will last longer than we will.

Transparency & Traceability

Our internal communication is our external. From our supply chain management to our employee culture. Open information.

Why we started

Cultivating authentic food and relationships. Create meaningful connections every day from the field to the friend.

Make an impact

Think smarter, work harder… together.

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Think smarter, work harder… together.

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